COVID-19 Vaccination

Lockridge Medical Centre is now offering the following COVID-19 vaccinations:


Primary Adult vaccinations for 12 year old and over 2 doses 3-6 weeks apart

Child vaccinations for 5-11 year olds 2 doses 8 weeks apart


Novavax has been approved as a primary vaccine for COVID vaccination for individuals 18 and over given 2 doses 3 weeks apart.

COVID Vaccine Boosters

COVID vaccine boosters are now recommended 3 months following your 2nd primary vaccine dose.

We are offering Pfizer/Comirnaty for individuals aged 16 years and over and Novavax booster vaccines for 18 years and over

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Exemptions for COVID vaccination

Medical Exemptions for COVID vaccination are limited and can only be granted for the following reasons:

1) Permanent Exemption

  • Previous anaphylaxis to vaccine or vaccine component. Reaction to one class of vaccine does not preclude a different vaccine

2) Temporary Exemption

  • Acute major medical condition eg undergoing major surgery or hospital admission for another serious condition
  • For mRNA COVID-19 vaccines: Inflammatory cardiac illness in the previous 6 months eg myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis, acute rheumatic fever or acute decompensated cardiac failure
  • For all COVID-19 vaccines: PCR confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection until complete recovery from the acute illness (which may be up to 6 months)
  • For all COVID-19 vaccines: Serious adverse event attributed to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine without another cause identified. An event is considered serious if it requires hospitalisation  or results in persistent or significant disability/incapacity.


Please do not ask for an exemption if you do not have one of the above conditions.


Flu Vaccination

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