Lockridge Medical Centre is a private-billing practice.

However, some of our independent contracting doctors will bulk bill children under 16 years of age and pension card holders.  Please contact the practice if you would like more information.

At Lockridge Medical Centre the quality care that you receive is a product of the dedication and expertise of our staff and a well-equipped facility. Unfortunately, the reality today is that Medicare bulk-billing rebates no longer cover the cost of providing high quality care.

The costs associated with running a practice increase every year (staff wages, practice rent, cost of specialised equipment, computers and so on), but the Medicare return to practices has changed very little over the last 10 years and making it very difficult to sustain a quality practice on bulk-bill fees alone.

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Standard Consult

You Pay Medicare Rebate GAP
In Hours $85.00 $41.20 $43.80
After Hours $100.00 $53.65 $46.35

Long Consult

You Pay Medicare Rebate GAP
In Hours $125.00 $79.70 $45.30
After Hours $145.00 $92.00 $53.00

Payment of Fees

Our practice requires payment for consultations after your appointment. You may pay using cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. A rebate can be claimed from Medicare. Please note all accounts not paid in full on the day will attract a higher gap payment which MUST be paid on the day.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty please speak to your doctor during your consult.

If you have a complaint, or any feedback (positive or negative) regarding our service, please feel free to ask to speak with the practice manager.

All consultations related to Motor vehicle, Workers Compensation or medical examination (driving, travel, insurance report) please ask one of our reception team members for a fee schedule.

Our consultation fees are reviewed annually.

Procedure Fee

The Procedure fee is to cover the cost of consumables, instruments sterilising and dressing for all lesion and minor procedures.

If you have been booked for a procedure please contact the practice to discuss the out of pocket expense.

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