Chronic Disease Management

Co-ordinate Your Care

Chronic disease refers to illness that persists, rather than those conditions that resolve after a single episode. It includes many common conditions including, but not limited to;

Heart Disease
Osteo Arthritis
Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Plan, Understand & Stay On Track

We will co-ordinate your care across all health providers and professionals, and take in to account all your health concerns and health issues to develop a plan of care. The plan is individual to you.

There are two types of plans.

GP Management Plan (GPMP)
The first type of management plan is called a “GP Management Plan” (GPMP). This plan can assist patients with chronic medical conditions by providing an organized approach to their medical care and outlines a plan of action that both you and your doctor have agreed to.

Identifies patient’s health and care needs
Sets out the services to be provided by your doctor
Lists the actions you can take to help manage your condition

Team Care Arrangement (TCA)
The second type of management plan is called a Team Care Arrangement (TCA). This management plan will help coordinate more effectively the care you need from your doctor and other health care providers.

Patients who have both a GPMP & TCA in place can access Medicare rebates for specific allied health services including – physiotherapy, dietician, podiatrist to name a few.

Developing a GPMP or TCA is likely to take more time than a normal consultation. If a GPMP and TCA are appropriate for you your doctor will refer you to our Chronic Disease Nurse who will contact you by phone and make an appointment.

Call us on (08) 6278 2555 to schedule an appointment with our chronic disease management specialists, and take control of your care.

Chronic Disease Management

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