Asthma is a serious disease that many people underestimate. While a common problem for many, in the wrong circumstances it can be fatal. All asthma patients that are on a regular preventor or using their reliever more than two times a week, it is recommended that they have an asthma review with an asthma educator and their GP once a year.

The Asthma Cycle of Care involves at least two asthma related consultations within 12 months for a patient with moderate to severe asthma, noting that at least one of these visits (the review visit) must be planned.

These visits will include:

    • Document diagnosis and assessment of asthma severity and level of asthma control
    • Review the patients use of, and access to, asthma related medication, inhalers and the use of a spacer.
    • Provide a written asthma action plan
    • Provide asthma self-management education
    • Education review on asthma first aid and the sign and symptoms
    • A Spirometry test

Our nurses have completed specialised training and are Asthma Educator qualified.

Call (08) 6278 2555 to schedule in your asthma review today.


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