Changes to covid anti-viral treatment eligibility from 1 April 2023

From 1 April, the eligibility criteria for Paxlovid on the PBS will cover the following people with a diagnosis of COVID-19:

  • Those aged 70 or older, regardless of risk factors and with or without symptoms
  • People aged 60–69, with one additional risk factor for developing severe disease
  • Those aged 50 or older with two additional risk factors for developing severe disease or those who have had past COVID-19 infection that resulted in hospitalisation
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 30 years or older and with one additional risk factor for developing severe disease, or those who have had COVID-19 infection that led to hospitalisation in the past
  • People aged 18 or older who are moderately to severely immunocompromised
  • People aged 18 or older who have been previously hospitalised from COVID-19 disease

If you have symptoms of a respiratory illness test over a few days if your first RAT is negative and if you test positive and are in one of the above

categories please book a Telehealth appointment with a doctor to discuss your eligibility. The treatment works best within 5 days of onset of symptoms.


If you had your last COVID booster or had COVID infection more than 6 months ago you are also eligible for a COVID vaccine booster.

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