Easy to find numbers

  • Medical Centre Appointments:
    (08) 6278 2555
  • After Hours Locum Doctor:
    08 9321 9133
  • Life Threatening Emergencies

Making an Appointment


The practice operates “Same Day Appointment” system to help improve access to doctors’ appointments.
The “Same Day Appointment” system is working well and we have been able to offer appointments on the same day requested in most circumstances.


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Phone: (08) 6278 2555
Patient Registration Form
  • Most appointments are for 15 minutes.
  • Please let the receptionist know if you think you may need longer.
  • Women having a health checkup, including a Pap smear, are advised to request a long appointment (or a Well Women’s Appointment) so that the doctor has sufficient time – 15 minutes is insufficient to be as thorough as our doctors would like to be.
  • Please let us know when you make the appointment if it is for a medical examination or a procedure (e.g: an excision) as extra time needs to be allocated.



Remember, if you cannot attend your appointment, please phone and let us know, someone else may be needing that time with the doctor.