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75+ Health Check

75+ Health Assessment

This health assessment is available once a year to people aged 75 years and over and is funded by Medicare Australia.

The health assessment provides a structured way of identifying health issues and conditions that are potentially preventable in order to improve health and/or quality of life.

It provides patients with an opportunity to raise health concerns. It also gives the patients’ usual doctor and our Chronic Disease Nurse the opportunity to carry out an in depth health assessment.

Areas covered in the health assessment are:

  • Recent health
  • Any difficulties with mood, memory or sleep
  • Discuss smoking/alcohol/nutrition/exercise
  • Living arrangements and home safety / social support
  • Mobility
  • Medications
  • Immunisations
  • An examination of weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, feet, vision, hearing and other areas which may come up during the assessment

To discuss a health assessment with a doctor, please phone the practice (6278 2555) on the day you want an appointment.